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Dr. Sara Kepple

Warrenton, Virginia

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Chart & Stethoscope


Licensed and board certified family medicine physician

Personal, accessible, subscription based collaborative primary care practice

Includes office visits, virtual visits, and phone/email/text.

Examples of health issues managed/prevention efforts in primary care:

Heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol

Diabetes (often utilizing CGM), Weight loss or gain

Thyroid disease, Osteoarthritis

Mental health

Skin conditions, allergies, asthma

Minor acute illness/infection

Minor injuries (small lacerations, sprains, etc.)

Sports/School physicals and Well Child Check-ups

Routine cancer and chronic disease screening

Routine gynecological care (screening pap, vaginal infection)

Sexual health (ie. STD screening, contraception management)

Gender affirming hormone therapy

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Pediatrician Examining Infant


Care for the whole family

I provide primary care services for patients of all ages. Board certified in Family Medicine, my goal is to care for individuals and entire families throughout the full spectrum of life. I aim to empower patients to make decisions about their health based on their individual values and goals.

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Monthly subscription

The direct primary care model gives me the time and accessibility required to provide thoughtful, comprehensive care to each individual. I care for a limited number of patients compared to an average insurance based physician, who may be caring for upwards of 2500 individuals. I work to provide my patients access to low cost labs, imaging and medications as well as offering simple procedures at cost. My aim is to contribute to developing a simpler, more accessible, transparent and cost-effective health care landscape.



Osteopathic Family Physician

A Northern Virginia native, I graduated from George Mason in 2012 with a bachelor's in neuroscience, took a year to play horse trainer in Middleburg, and then on to VCOM in Blacksburg for medical school from 2013-2017. In 2020, I completed a 3 year comprehensive family medicine residency in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I moved back to Virginia in July and started working at a fast paced urgent care while planning my DPC practice. Since leaving there to pursue more continuity based care, I have joined a top notch concierge practice in Reston, but will still be able to offer affordable medical services within my home community through Prosperity Family Medicine.

In my free time, I love to soak in everything the Virginia countryside has to offer. I enjoy caring for my small farm and animals (the herd includes horses, mini ponies, chickens, cats, and a retired hound), foxhunting, vegetable gardening, cooking, and tackling home projects. 

As an osteopath, I am a fully licensed physician with additional training in the musculoskeletal system. Osteopaths are taught to look beyond symptoms and examine the whole patient. We are trained in "osteopathic manipulative therapy" which involves hands on diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease. I also strongly believe lifestyle factors like nutrition, exercise and stress management determine quality and quantity of life. While medications and procedures may be necessary, I strive to guide patients on the path to take back control of their lives and become their own healers.

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